The Most Innovative VR Headsets for Gay VR Porn From CES 2018!
date_range March 12, 2018
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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an event that gathers millions of people in Las Vegas every year to introduce the newest technological facts to the world - including the novelties regarding the gay VR porn videos, obviously. As VRB Gay company is always paying a lot of our precious attention to such events to be up to date with all ...
Dominic Pacifico Will Be the Hottest Barber in Your Entire Life!
date_range March 09, 2018
local_offer VR Gay Porn Videos
Have you ever been fantasizing about banging some sexy guy that you've met somewhere in the city? Sure, not all the sexy males out there are gay, but you could at least have a hope that the one that you've liked is homo, and that maybe you two could... Put your hopes aside since with VR Bangers you don't need to be wishing anymore, as ...
Dynamic Weight Control in a VR Controller? Real Feel Dicks for Gay VR Porn Coming Soon!
date_range March 05, 2018
local_offer Tech
Have you ever been playing with any VR controller and used it for "touching" anything in the virtual reality? And how did you like it? The ability to grab and move around the items in the VR is a really popular feature on the modern VR goggles market, although this technology is still far from being perfect and needs a lot of working on ...
Microsoft’s Hololens 2 MR Headset With Dedicated AI System Might Change the Gay VR Porn Movies’ World!
date_range March 02, 2018
local_offer Tech
One year ago we've been literally swarmed with some unofficial reports about the HoloLens' augmented reality goggles, according to which the giant from Redmont would give up work on the next generation of the device. The silence had been recently broken by Alex Kipman, Microsoft's expert on, among the others, mixed reality technology, ...
5 Things to Be Seen in VR Headsets Perfect for Gay VR Porn Videos in 2019!
date_range February 26, 2018
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Have you heard about our predictions of what is coming in 2018 to the VR headsets best for watching gay VR porn videos? Actually, you most likely have, as this article's popularity has exceeded our innermost expectations. That's why we've decided to release another tech-related gay VR porn piece of writing, since now that we've got your ...