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There is so much free porn available online. When a friend told me about VRB Gay I was like why would anyone pay for porn?! Then I checked it out on his headset. So… now I own my own headset and It’s pretty much the only thing I watch anymore haha. This site will change the way you think about porn for sure. Tommy L.
As a gay man in my 50s, I can’t believe how great we all have it today. Years ago you had to be careful who you told you were gay or how you celebrated with those you love. Now, in real life and in virtual reality the level of excitement and acceptance is palpable. I don’t know whether I should cum or cry with joy and excitement every time I finish a VRB Gay exclusive on my headset! – Randy R.
Been a member for two months. Site updates often. Always great new stuff on it. Worth! Roger K.
So, I get to pick my favorite gay pornstars, choose a scene I like, strap on my headset and then feel like I am right in the room with them while they fuck? YES please! Marc Z.
I got a VR headset and my roomates were like whats that for… so I told them it’s all about his videogame nonsense. Fact is, that headset has seen more fucking in the last few days than my roommates ever will hahahaha. S. Coven
I swear… I was watching this dude going balls deep in his boytoy for like 20 minutes and it was hot… then all of a sudden I looked up and flinched because it felt like the sweat from his chin was about to drip down in my eyes. This is not the usual porn guys… VRB Gay is fucking amazing. Kevin S.