Adrian Duval VR

Adrian Duval VR Pornstar
Birthday: March 12
Height: 180
Weight: 73
Country of origin: United States
Place of Birth: Michigan
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brunette
Career Status: Active

Gay VR Porn with Adrian Duval

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Starring: Adrian Duval

Adrian Duval's Biography

Believe it or not but Adrian Duval finally joined the immersive world of gay VR porn! This handsome gay VR xxx performer is in the gay industry for a while but until now he was pretty skeptical when it comes to recording in virtual reality – but thanks to us he changed his mind and you can now watch him in up to 8K Ultra HD VR!

What's so special about this performer? Well, even though he's not bisexual and he only likes to bang with other guys, he's really versatile when it comes to that – and he'll be more than happy to join you in both a passive and active gay VR porn scenario. What does that mean in practice? Well… it means that he can both suck your cock and give you his own dick to be sucked with equal joy, haha.

When we asked Adrian Duval about his favorite things about sex, he said that he cares mostly about emotions, feelings, and… orgasms. Well, we're more than sure that many of our members have similar preferences – and that's pretty much why we're so glad that this gay VR porn star is now one of the performers in our ever-growing roster of top gay models.

And if now you want to learn more about him, we've got you covered – believe it or not, we always ask a lot of questions to our gay VR porn models. So… his favorite sexual position? Doggystyle, of course. And his favorite sexual fantasy? An orgy, and a huge one. And with as many huge cocks as possible. Including his, which is (by the way) a really big one. A REALLY big one, honestly speaking. You might actually find it pretty hard to fit it inside your ass or mouth but… sex is even sweeter when it's challenging, don't you think?