Alex Mecum VR

Alex Mecum VR Pornstar
Birthday: June 12
Height: 182.8
Weight: 88.4
Tatoos: None
Piercings: Yes
Country of origin: United States
Place of Birth: Utah
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brunette
Career Status: Active

Gay VR Porn with Alex Mecum

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Starring: Alex Mecum

Alex Mecum's Biography

Alex Mecum is a hot pornstar who is originally from Utah, which is a pretty conservative place in the US, but now he is doing some very free spirited things on film. He was raised Mormon but clearly he has broken out of that strict religion and is living the life he feels is best for him. He stands 6 feet tall and weighs 195 pounds. He started doing porn, according to some interviews online, because he went back to college and lost a lot of the freedom he had when he had a job. He wanted to travel and to be able to afford fun things again, so he had an opportunity to try porn and he did! Alex is particularly well known for his giant loads of cum that really burst forth from his big dick like nothing you have ever seen before. In an interview he said that when he was exploring his sexuality, he would try to focus more on sexual exercises and edging himself because he had a lot of shame about masturbation for a little bit. This is what allowed him to build up his Kegel muscles for those amazing wet and hot cumshots. He also makes sure that he does not cum for about 4 days before a shoot. Now that is dedication! Of course to keep up his muscular physique Alex goes to the gym just about every day. He has to keep working out to keep his muscle man/jock aesthetic. In his personal life he is really mostly a top, but he has enjoyed learning about bottoming through doing porn movies and feels like porn has really opening up his eyes to new experiences. Furthermore, participating in the creation of the Gay VR porn videos turned him into a kind of a geek, since he became very excited to learn about new technologies through shooting virtual reality porn!