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Eddy CeeTee is a handsome Lebanese sex bomb who's performing in some gay VR porn videos. This young model is very famous in the homosexual circles, but his fame didn't come without a reason - his body is one of the hottest physiques in the gay VR porn business and his undeniable charisma only makes it all better. It may sound odd actually, but this alpha male is so attractive that even hetero guys seem to have a weakness for him, so even if you're not gay, you might actually like him. He's a typical bareback muscle gay VR porn model with that bear type of looks who fits almost perfectly to a "lumbersexual" macho model - Eddy is the guy you've always liked to look at, with that unique smell and a lot of hair all over his body. He's muscular, athletic and has a great six-pack, which combined with his big height will give you a feeling of being dominated by this huge man from the very first minute of his every gay virtual reality porn video. Eddy is also being a very popular DJ (especially known amongst the LGBT communities), who's sharing his sexy vibes with hundreds of horny men on his every concert. Now you can watch him both in the real live and with your VR goggles in the virtual reality, where he'll be giving you a showcase of his legendary skills to work out your hard boner like it was a barbell at the gym. Eddy is a natural talent and you should feel comfortable with him from the beginning of his gay VR porn films, as he'll always do everything to make you feel that way - it'll be just like you were his boyfriend for the time of watching the VR Bangers' gay VR porn videos, so grab your dick and your VR headset and use it in the right way!

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