Mick Stallone‏ VR

Mick Stallone‏ VR Pornstar
Birthday: October 17
Height: 185
Weight: 73
Tatoos: Yes
Piercings: Yes
Country of origin: United States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Aka: Mickelo Evans, Micke Stallone
Career Status: Active

Mick Stallone‏'s Biography

Mick Stallone is a hot pornstar who used to go by Mickelo Evans. He is 6 feet 1 inches tall and weighs about 181 pounds. He has a sexy 7 inch cock that is cut, just like his body is from spending time in the gym. Mr. Stallone is a switch who has both topped and bottomed in porn movies and he considers himself a true versatile slut. He is married to a pornstar named Manuel Skye, and together the two make up a very powerful porn couple. Mick is originally from Malta but now he and his hubs live in Montreal, which is actually a surprising center for porn in the world. When it comes to his hubby in porn, he only bottoms, because Manuel only bottoms for Mick at home, so Manuel is on top for the cameras. Mick is a smart and charming guy to work with, and his face lights up especially when he is talking about his husband with whom he says he has a deep and spiritual connection that transcends sexuality, though sex is obviously a big part of their relationship! Mick loves to try new things in porn which is one of the reasons he even tried porn in the first place. He knew that VR would be a great thing to try so he decided to give it a shot. He found that shooting gay VR porn was a bit different because one of the people in the video is not moving around as much, but he thought the end result was somewhat stunning. It reminded him of a science fiction movie and something that he never thought would come to life so soon! He was very excited to take part in such an endeavor and felt pleased to get to do it, so we are more than happy to let him do that.