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You may not be familiar with every gay VR porn star in the gay VR xxx industry (and don't worry if you aren't), but we're sure you've heard of Jkab Dale at least once – a legendary Asian gay VR porn star who has one of the cutest smiles and one of the sexiest bodies in the entire industry! Just think about him sucking your cock for a minute… do we need to say anything else?

He's a truly versatile gay VR sex performer, and while you might think he's an easy showman, he'll surprise you with his talent and everything he's got waiting up his sleeve – wear your VR goggles and find that all out by yourself in 3D 180° gay virtual reality xxx! His capabilities are almost endless, so we're sure that you two are going to like each other for sure!

With his good looks and manhood – coupled with his amazing dick, six-pack chest, and perfect muscles everywhere – Jkab managed to easily and quickly become a professional and sought-after gay VR porn star, which is why we at VR Bangers Gay decided to cast him in one of our latest gay Asian VR porn fantasies. We're glad that he's finally joined us and we're sure that you guys are going to fall in love with him in no time!


Join our immersive 3D virtual reality to appreciate the fact that he has chosen the path of becoming a professional gay VR porn star – so now we can all appreciate his "company" while wearing our favorite VR goggles and in the comfort of our houses. Oh, and what is even better, Jkab Dale can now become your gay VR sex boyfriend in up to 8K ultra-high definition – which is a resolution that can make everything even more realistic and lifelike for sure!

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