Alpha Wolfe VR

Alpha Wolfe VR Pornstar
Birthday: May 26
Height: 190
Weight: 93
Tatoos: Yes
Piercings: None
Country of origin: United States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brunette
Aka: Persian Wolf
Career Status: Active
Place of Birth: California

Gay VR Porn with Alpha Wolfe

access_time 00:38:51
Starring: Alpha Wolfe

Alpha Wolfe's Biography

Alpha Wolfe's abs boast a massive six-pack, the result of hundreds of hours of hard training in the gym. He has the toned body most of us can only dream of, but luckily, he shares it with us in gay VR porn flicks. Are you ready for them? Then why won't you wear your VR headset and bang him in up to 8K Ultra HD here and now? He's waiting for you as we speak and his entire body can now be yours to have and enjoy!

Alpha is very dominant, which is evident in the scene, as he is always trying to control his partner and run the scene the way he wants. If you have a submissive personality, you'll love his dominance and let him guide you through his VR tottoo gay sex scenes, as he loves to gather more followers and expand his fan base with each new production – whether in virtual reality or regular dimensions.

It might sound weird to say, but this alpha male is so attractive that even straight men seem to have a soft spot for him, so even if you're not gay, you might fall for him. He's your typical bareback muscular gay VR porn model with a pessimistic expression, almost a perfect match for a "lumbersexual" manly model – Alpha Wolfe is the one you've always loved to see, with a unique smell and tons of hair physically.

Alpha is an intelligent and engaging man with a great deal of passion and eloquence. When he talks about his partners – who, according to him, usually share a deep, spiritual connection with him – he's always very desirous, emphasizing that his goal is to transcend simple sexuality and achieve something beyond it. And guess what? With the VR goggles on, you can now be his next buddy and feel that devotion for yourself – so do it now and join!