Dr. Mecum - Gay VR Porn Video, Starring: Alex Mecum

Dr. Mecum Gay VR Porn Video

Watch online and Download Dr. Mecum Gay VR Porn Movie with Alex Mecum

Everyone hates to go to the doctor, but if your doctor was Alex Mecum, you wouldn't really hate it so dang much! This is every guy's fantasy that Zander Cole, who plays the patient, thought of. He wanted to go to the doctor and have every inch of his orifices explored by a guy who knows how to open someone up. He chose Alex MeCum because he is such a muscle hottie and he always envisioned him in the role of a naughty doctor. So picture this. You show up at your doctor's office and Alex greets you. He tells you to relax but you're a little bit nervous because it's been a while since you've been to the doctor. The examination starts like normal but things start to take a turn for the unusual. Perhaps the touches are a bit too intimate or there is a bit too long spent on the erogenous zones of the body. Then comes the anal examination. That is the best part of the exam that lets you know it is time to relax fully and open up to new sexual experiences. Alex exposes Zander and the two get into it with some seriously sexy action. There haven't been two guys getting it on like this in a while. This pair has a great chemistry and it's easy to see that they are truly gay guys who enjoy each other's company. In fact, when they came into the studio we learned they are friends in real life and they really like to shoot porn together, especially when it is in a creative scene like this one where they get to let loose and have a good time! Find out what kind of kinky fun these guys have together by strapping on your favored VR device and watching them in a great gay VR Porn video medical scene!

Duration: 36 min
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