The Naughty Needle - Gay VR Porn Video, Starring: Zak Bishop

The Naughty Needle Gay VR Porn Video

Watch online and Download The Naughty Needle Gay VR Porn Movie with Zak Bishop

At VRB Gay, we have a whole host of equally arousing categories of our premium gay VR porn experiences with the most diverse themes and with the most diversified motifs – and we're always happy to fulfill another one of your deeply hidden gay-related sex fantasies with their help. While we know how many of you enjoy our releases with tattooed gay VR porn stars, we have never yet used these wonderful graphics as the foundation for one of our productions – but that is about to change today, as we have prepared something special for you!

The Naughty Needle is our brand new bareback gay VR xxx video inside of which we will take you straight to a very special tattoo studio. Such places usually have quite a distinctive atmosphere, and this time will be no different – but the difference is that in addition to the ubiquitous tattoo designs and all that equipment for injecting ink under the skin, there will also be an exceptionally handsome model whom most of you probably already know pretty darn well.

We're talking about Zak Bishop, who, for the purposes of today's gay VR sex fantasy with a twink, will become your tattoo artist – and while everything will look 100% fine at first, over time a small tragedy will occur. For it will turn out that the tattoo you commissioned from him has been completely ruined, devastated, neglected, and done in a truly gruesome way – and that now this young artist will have to do something to persuade you to keep quiet unless he wants to lose his job and end up on the street.

Is there anything that such a handsome young gay VR porn star could do to convince you to forget about this misunderstanding? Well, we're sure at least one thing that comes to your mind right now – so put on your VR headsets and join Zak in up to 8K ultra-high definition, and maybe he'll be able to stay in the tattoo profession and prove to you that he's not completely useless after all.

Duration: 39 min
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