One on One - VR Porn Video, Starring: Ducati Trenton VR

One on One

Watch Online and Download One on One VR Porn Movie with Ducati Trenton VR

Wow you are a lucky guy. Ducati Trenton is your boyfriend. He is a hot muscle guy who is something like 6 feet 1 inches of pure hunky goodness. He has some washboard abs, the best ass and a nice sized cock that you love to reminisce about the things you want to do with it. Why are you reminiscing you may ask? Well, it's because you are away on a business trip to far away Paris and you had to leave your hot lover behind. You miss him so but is it more so because you miss the hot sex or because you actually miss him. In either case, it doesn't matter because Ducati is ready for you on video chat and he wants to show you what you are missing out on. As soon as the call begins he is hot and heavy just for you and he isn't thinking about any other guys. He strips for the camera and then whips out his gem of a dick and makes it hard. He rubs it and rubs it, giving you a good solo show until you can't wait to see the best part of the show - the part when he spurts his load. Of course this just makes you miss him more because you wish you could be together, but you will be again soon enough. Ducati is a great guy to watch in virtual reality and in this VR Porn Video. He is definitely the type of man you want to get up close to. He is so hot and he knows how to move over chat to make you happy and remind you of the hottest moments you have ever shared together. Through your VR headset Mr. Trenton makes you feel like you are the only guy in the room.

Duration: 17 min
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