Last Man Standing - VR Porn Video, Starring: Micah Brandt VR

Last Man Standing

Watch Online and Download Last Man Standing VR Porn Movie with Micah Brandt VR

Are you a fan of martial arts, boxing, MMA or anything else that is directly connected with legally kicking someone else's ass? These are the most masculine of all sport disciplines, and it was only a matter of time for us to create a Gay VR Porn fantasy related to them. Blood, sweat, tight shorts and adrenaline is the best combination that a horny man could ask for, so once again, going straight for your sophisticated demands, we present to you the Last Man Standing Gay VR Porn movie with two hot bareback males. The scenario is pretty straightforward: You'll get to become an experienced boxer who's just finished his training and is chilling out in the locker room. It was supposed to be an end of your struggles for today, and you were just about to give your muscles some rest, but since this is a Gay Virtual Reality Porn video, your peace had to be broken - yet you're not gonna regret that, trust us. From the first moment when muscle sexy Micah Brandt had entered the room, he kept staring at you and asking some questions to start a conversation and most likely pick you up. You've seen him watching you in the middle of your sparing, and you are well aware that he wants to fuck you. Well, today is your (and his) lucky day, since this is exactly what's going to happen, and in a matter of minutes Micah will be already kneeling before you and sucking on your swollen dick. You're gonna get your cock sucked and balls licking, and you will be given a unique opportunity of fucking Micah's ass in the virtual reality. Wear your VR goggles straight away and join him in this unbelievably real Gay VR Porn fantasy in 4K and 180 degrees - with VRB Gay this could be the best training of your life!

Duration: 43 min
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