Gabriel D’Allessandro

Gabriel D’Allessandro

Размер Члена : 7 inch
Обрезан: Uncut
Рост: 182 cm - 5'97''
Вес : 68 kg - 150 lbs
Татуировки: Нет
Страна происхождения : США
Этнос: Азиатский
Цвет Глаз: Янтарный
Цвет Волос: Блонд
Статус карьеры : В игре
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Gabriel D’Allessandro is a hot Latino porn star who has a nice head of black hair and deep brown eyes that will draw you in when he poses for a picture or stars in a video. He stands 6 feet tall and weighs something like 165 pounds. His dick size is around 7 inches which is not the largest ever, but it’s not the smallest ever either, which is nice because is a versatile bottom which means he is usually the one taking cocks in his ass but he does not mind getting on top once in a while if the situation really calls for it. Gabriel is a hot guy who clearly works hard on his body. He is not the most buff guy but he is well cut and and clearly gets into the gym to keep his figure trim and hot looking. Gabriel looks amazing in any porn scene that he stars in — believe us on that — but he looks especially great in virtual reality where you can feel like he is right there in the room with you. As he bends over to take your cock you can watch him in your personal VR device and feel like you are really the one who is fucking him. VR porn videos are usually shot in POV so you can really put yourself in the driver seat and get your fantasy of fucking your favorite porn star. Gabriel knew that virtual reality is the thing that everyone wants to see and he is always thinking of his fans and how he can give them what they want, so he tried it and was happy with the result. You will love him in any porn movie with his slick moves, open bottom and dashing good looks. Check him out up close and personal in VR.

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