Thomas Freidl VR

Thomas Freidl VR Pornstar
Birthday: December 7
Height: 188.9
Weight: 87.5
Tatoos: None
Piercings: Yes
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Place of Birth: Czech Republic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brunette
Aka: Eric Tomfor, Thomas Friedel, Dario Levi, Thomas Riedel
Career Status: Active

Gay VR Porn with Thomas Freidl

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Starring: Thomas Freidl

Thomas Freidl's Biography

Thomas Freidl, sometimes known as Tom, is a big burly guy who likes to be on top. That much should even be apparent simply from his large appearance and huge muscles. He is always the one fucking a dude and plunging his big 8.5-inch cock deep into someone's backdoor. Like most guys from Eastern Europe, he doesn't have any modifications to his cock and his foreskin is completely uncut. If you like uncircumcised guys then Tom is your dude. He has actually gone by quite a few other names in the porn biz including Eric Tomfor, Thomas Friedel, Dario Levi, Thomas Riedel, Lance Strong, Hannibal, Zach, Mark, Glen, Tomm Jones, Tomm, Eric Richter, Zack Hood, Erik Haaz, Tomas Friedl, Tomas Friedel, Borek Has, Eric Navarro, Thomas Ride, Tomm, Tomm Black and Eric Navarro. Wow, those are quite a few different monikers and so he finally settled on Thomas Freidl. The reason for his many aliases is probably because he is super bisexual and doesn't care whether the porn he does is gay, straight, or bisexual. He loves all genitals on all people and as long as everyone is getting off and having a good time, he really doesn't care. Thomas is about 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs a hefty 193 pounds. This is because of all the muscle that he has and tries to put on. He spends a ton of time in the gym on a regular basis. With a birthday of December 6, he falls into the Sagittarius category which explains his fiery demeanor and his love of everything and anything as long as it falls into the column of passionate. Catch Thomas up close in 4K and our gay VR Porn Videos because that is the most realistic way to view him unless you want to buy a plane ticket to the Czech Republic to check him out in person!