Get started with Oculus GO

Step 1
Download Play'a app and install it.
Step 2
Dude, there is no step 2! Get the tissues, put the headset on and enjoy.

Detailed Guide for Oculus GO

  • 1. How to install PLAY'A on Oculus Go

    1. Set up your Oculus Go as regular

    2. Open Oculus app on your phone

    3. Go to Settings > Tap your headset > More Settings > Press on Developer mode > Create developer account (Sign in on Oculus website if you are not already)

    4. Once account is created go back to Oculus app

    5. Plug in your Oculus Go to Windows computer via USB

    6. Download playa_oculusgo.zip from vrgay.com/app

    7. Run install.bat

    7.1 On Windows 7 you need to manually install drivers. Go to drivers folder right-click on .inf file and press install.

    8. When the installation begins, check on your OculusGo and allow USB debugging inside the Oculus Go if you did not tick the checkbox to allow it always

    9. It should install app shortly after that

    10. Unplug your Go and go to Library > Unknown sources

    11. Find "PLAY'A (com.vrb.playa)" and launch it. (usually on the last page)


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