Dominic Pacifico

Dominic Pacifico

Возраст: 39
Родилась: Апрель 2
Знак Зодиака: Овен
Обрезан: Cut
Рост: 170 cm - 5'58''
Вес : 83 kg - 183 lbs
Татуировки: Нет
Страна происхождения : США
Этнос: Азиатский
Цвет Глаз: Янтарный
Цвет Волос: Блонд
Псевдонимы: DJ Pornstar
Статус карьеры : В игре
Социальные аккаунты

Dominic Pacifico is like a sexual one man army, being a DJ, award winning Gay VR Porn star, producer and director; and a famous boyfriend of equally hot Casey Everett. This stunning chunk of muscles with some Latino blood in his veins came to Las Vegas in Nevada to make his dreams come true and to show the whole world how talented and skillful he is. DJ Pacifico, because that is his musical nickname, is a true king of most of the gay clubs in Las Vegas, and if you do visit such places from time to time, you should probably know him by now – and now thanks to the VR Bangers’ Gay VR Porn scenes you can actually see him in his full splendor and watch him fuck in 4K ultra high definition and 360 degrees! Since he’s such a multitalented person, there is a lot going in his life and on his official website, and if you’d ever dare to go there, you can even sign yourself on a private casting in order to play in one of his Gay Virtual Reality Porn movies! This buffed hottie loves discovering new talents, and if he notices that “something” in you, he’ll surely give you a chance, just like someone gave it to him when he was entering the business. On the other hand, if you were so “gifted” and talented like Dominic, you would probably be in the industry already, yet faint heart never won fair guy and it’s always worth giving a try. The actor is very versatile and will fit to any role, yet we simply adore his private homemade Gay VR Porn scenes, as he’s recording him with his amazing boyfriend Casey, which makes them one of a kind. The movies with boys are natural and instinctive, and even though they lack some of the VRB Gay’s quality, they still are very pleasant to watch.

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