A quick guide to watch porn on Windows MR


Download 3D 180 4K or 3D 360 HD videos to your Windows 10 PC.


Copy downloaded videos to a folder [USER]/Videos/Littlstar. Rename files.


Launch Littlstar VR Cinema app. Select movies from the library and Let's Bang!


Detailed Guide to watch vr porn on Windows Mixed Reality headset

  • 1. "I've just received my Window MR headset! How do I use it to watch VR Porn?"

    Congrats with your new Mixed Reality Headset! Let's set it up with your Windows 10 PC.

    Plug in USB and HDMI cables in your PC and setup window should automatically appear.

    If nothing happens. Then you might need to do some updates and check if your current PC is Windows Mixed Reality-Ready.

    Get the update here.

    Download Windows Mixed Reality PC Check here.

  • 2. Install LittlStar VR Cinema app

    Our developers are working very hard on integrating Windows MR headsets into our VRB Player app. But this might take some time and we know that you are itching to watch some good VR Porn action.

    For now, please download and install Littlstar VR Cinema App from windows store.

  • 3. Download VR Bangers videos

    Download 3D 180 4K or 3D 360 HD videos from VR Bangers website. With 3D 180 4K you will get only 180 degrees field of view, but you will get highest possible resolution. 3D 360 HD will give you full immersive effect, but models will not very sharp. This is because of limited technical capabilities of Windows Mixed Reality Headset.

  • 4. Prepare videos to work with "Littlstar VR Cinema".

    For our videos to work with "Littlstar VR Cinema" you need to do 2 simple steps.

    Step 1. Make a folder "Littlstar" (case sensitive) in the user's video folder (C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Videos) and then copy downloaded videos there.

    Step 2. Rename downloaded files, so that they can be recognized by the software.

    If you downloaded 3D 180 4k, then replace UHD_180x180_3dh with 180_sbs.

    If you downloaded 3D 360 HD, then replace HD_3dv with ou.


    VRBGAY_dr_mecum_HD_3dv.mp4 > VRBGAY_dr_mecum_ou.mp4

    VRBGAY_dr_mecum_UHD_180x180_3dh.mp4 > VRBGAY_dr_mecum_180_sbs.mp4

  • 5. Enjoy your randevú with a Pornstar

    Put the headset on and launch LittlStar VR Cinema app.
    Navigate to the Library option, and you should now see VR Bangers videos. Click on play and Let's Bang!

    P.s. App might ask you to log in in order to go to the Library. If you don't have account, just create one. It's free.