Valentine's Day With Aday Traun and Pietro Duarte!

date_range February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day is the international day of making love and giving some pleasure to each other, when led by the affection and fondness around us. It's a perfect occasion to spend some time with your loved ones, which also applies to the gay VR porn industry, so we had to create a VR porn scene related to this amazing event. When creating the script for this VR porn movie, we've gone over ourselves to design something that will exceed your expectations and satisfy your all, even the deepest hidden needs. In this hot threesome VR porn movie, you'll get to have the best stepfather in the whole world, who wants to thank you for accepting him in the family and will give you the best present you could ever get. Your "daddy", Aday Traun, put a lot of work into searching and have managed to find your college crush, Pietro Duarte, and invite him over in the form of a your gift for the Valentine's Day. Sure, Pietro was hesitating at first, but Aday happens to be very convincing, and after some time he's managed to persuade the young boy and the fun begun in this gay VR porn fantasy. Have we forgotten to mention that this is a BDSM related video and you can actually expect it to get somewhat hardcore? Just like in the popular movie "Fifty Shades of Grey", there will be some binding with ties, some playing with candles and naturally, it will not be just some regular fucking, but a rough ride with some gagging on a dick. Even if Pietro forgets why was he brought in here, Aday will remind him of his role really quick, grabbing his head and pushing it directly through your cock, which will be clearly visible to you as long as you'll be wearing your VR goggles. Since Aday's relations with your father aren't the best ones lately, he'll be kinda horny too, and at some point he'll join the fun with you, so as mentioned above, this will indeed be a threesome VR porn video. Two asses are always better than one and combinations of positions and possibilities with 3 pairs of dicks and anals are almost limitless, so you should definitely count on our creativity when recording this video, as there will be a lot of stuff that you've probably never seen or done in your entire life. What things exactly? We're not gonna make any spoilers here, as it is much better to watch them instead of reading about them, so wear your VR headset straight away and dive into this immersive gay virtual reality porn video. Aday and Pietro will be waiting for you with their large schlongs, so do not let them down and join them in 3D VR porn on 180° to have some fun and celebrate the Valentine's Day in the best way possible! We've got a lot more super gigantic cocks in a very special category dedicated for these mandingo sized dicks. You will find them on the gay VRBGay main page. Watch Aday Traun's and Pietro Duarte's Gay VR Porn films!