Watch Out! Oil Leakage With Logan Moore!

date_range December 17, 2017

There is probably no man who would not be interested in motorization at least a little. We all like cars and they are the little apples of our eyes that we care about every day and for which we would do everything when something is wrong with them. We wash our cars, polish them, paint them, clean the inside and outside, replace the oil, the washer fluid and all the expendable elements, but what if our love on 4 wheels is damaged, or even worse, doesn't work? There is nothing left to do, but to reach for the help of the mechanic. And these guys, mechanics, can be really different - it's really hard to get a good specialist today. First of all, people like them are often trying to use our ignorance and pull us for some extra repairs that we don't need at all to get more money from us. Secondly, mechanics can often make a lot of mess and even if the car is back in our hands, it will not be the same car as it used to be. And thirdly, It's just like with our boyfriends - no one likes when someone else touches his hunk. Typical mechanic services include all kinds of car repairs, component replacement, diagnostics, and anything else related to motoring, but what if our mechanic works with Gay VR Porn videos? Well, then we can expect the offer to be a bit wider. Is that good? Actually, it depends on the specialist, but in this case, we will be dealing with no one else but the handsome Logan Moore, Gay Virtual Reality Porn star, so it's rather nice to think about what other services we could expect from him... After finishing work, Logan comes to you to talk about the repairs he has made. Unfortunately, he did not manage to repair everything, and worse, there's been an oil leakage and your car will have to stay in the workshop for some time. The man isn't too happy about it, especially that he's taken money from you and is trying to somehow get along with you - in fact, you've actually might have an idea how to do that. You see that a man brought a bottle of oil with him, so you decide to use that fact as you come up with the idea what you want from him - you want him to use that shiny liquid, lubricate his muscular body, and then you'll see what's next. Logan doesn't feel fully comfortable with your proposal, but his experience at Gay VR Porn gives him a bit of courage, so he sheds his clothes off and starts to lubricate. You see how the gel glazes his muscles one after another, as his cock becomes glossy and hard, swelling like an inflatable balloon during the lubrication. So you've got one of the sexiest Gay Virtual Reality Porn stars in the world, oiled from head to toe, who will do anything for you through his guilt. How do you use this fact? It's up to you, so get your VR goggles on and jump into the latest VR Bangers today! More solo scenes like this one can be found between our newest Gay VR sex movies on our main page. Watch Logan Moore's Gay VR Porn Videos!