Dom Ully Is Just Showing Off! What a Poser!

date_range November 14, 2017

If you ever went to school, there’s always that one guy that everyone wanted to know. The "cool guy" who could always have every girl, was mega popular and everyone was always inviting him to every party. And what if it turned out that the guy is gay – just like you? And even more, a Gay VR Porn actor? Too bad that this truth has come to light after so many years, but it's still a great opportunity to fulfill all your fantasies about him... Dom Ully, because he’s “the guy”, was always out of your league and all you could do was jerking off at home while thinking about his sexy body. He is handsome, muscular, has a nice smile, cool tattoos and a wonderful ass, so it's no wonder that every gay would like him - the better that VR Bangers brought his Gay Virtual Reality Porn scene to the Internet! Still, you do not understand why someone so popular would have to record such a movie - after all, he's definitely good enough for most of the men and he can probably fuck anyone he wants. After a longer thinking, it all makes sense, though – he’s just showing off! Anyway, the reason doesn't matter here - everything that counts is that you can spend the evening "together" and that today, thanks to Gay VR Porn, your dick will not go to rest unhappy. The scene begins while Dom is innocently playing with his so far resting dick. He throws his clothes off, dances in front of the camera and stretches his muscles in a way that he knows that every gay watching him will enjoy. After a while, Dom grabs his cock in his hand and starts massaging it, while squeezing his smooth and swollen testicles with his other hand. Anyone watching this Gay VR Porn scene, touching “together” with the Dom, can feel a kind of connection when their cocks are getting harder and harder at the same pace. But Dom's skills do not end in masturbation – everyone can do that, and yet the whole idea of ​​recording this movie was to let Dom show how awesome he was. That's why not a while longer Dom is already playing with his anus, stretching its sphincters and putting more and more fingers inside. The boy is clearly showing off because he did not even take care of any lubricant or humidifier – just started to put additional fingers into his ass, and we all know that it’s not so pleasant when it’s too dry. Yet we are only spectators, so if it makes him happy... as long as he doesn't stop. And guess what? It's obvious that when you’re simultaneously jerking off and anal fingering, you can’t withstand it for too long – even if you’re the great Dom! And so it happened when the boy cums onto his belly, so you can watch how his hot load is spreading on his balls, which makes you even more horny… Too bad you couldn't meet up with each other while you still were in high school - you'd probably have some fun together... Fan of solo scenes? You can find them on our main page.

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