Double Gay Membership Promo for the Price of One!

date_range December 23, 2017

Christmas is getting closer and closer, bringing the gifts, quality time spent with the members of our families and a festive atmosphere in our houses. Every year these holidays are integrating us with each other, letting us to forget about the differences between us and giving us a chance to unite with our beloved ones when splitting the wafer and sharing presents at the Christmas table. Since you all have been good boys this year, Gay VR Bangers crew have decided to present you something special and unique, as you are all our precious and loyal members and we really want you to feel appreciated. You know perfectly well that we are best at making the quality Gay VR Porn videos daily, so our little gift naturally must have been also connected with them to the delight of all of you. We could not think of anything better from our exclusive Gay sex scenes in virtual reality, so we have decided to give you all an opportunity to keep watching them for even longer.

What the Gay VR Bangers have for you this year?

We have decided to double the subscription time of every membership bought in the promotion’s period. This means that all of our viewers will have an occasion to stay with us twice as long as before for the same price – wait, actually for even less! This Christmas we are not only doubling the membership periods, but also reducing the prices of our packets, so now all of you could benefit from this deal and save even more cash than ever before.

The new prices will be:

• First of all, there will be a brand new time limited option – a 1-day trial – available for all of you who are not our members yet, but are thinking about joining our family, while not being certain about it - those of you who would like to browse the first. New option will be available for $0.99 per day, making it more expensive than the other ones, but still very encouraging. • The "1 Month (Full access)" option is getting doubled, so it will last not for 1 but for 2 months and its’ price will fall from $19.95 to $19.80, making it all more approachable for all of you – daily price will be reduced from $0.67 to $0.33. • The "3 Months (Full access)" will also last for twice as long now, offering 6 months instead of 3 with a price discount from $39.95 to $39.60. Together, giving a reduction in the daily price from $0.44 to $0.22. • Naturally, the biggest package AKA "1 Year (Full access)", will also get cheaper (and twice as long), dropping the price from $89.95 to $87.60, offering the lowest of all 1-day rate of $0.11 instead of $0.25.

When is the deal going off?

If we only could, the promotion would be available for the whole year, but then it would not be a promo after all, right? That is why we have decided to extend it a little, still making it a limited time offer to encourage you to use it. The deal will be available from December 22nd to December 26th, 2017. We have prepared something for the end of the year too, but you have to patient for this one. Time will show what that is… Merry Christmas and keep checking on the website to stay up to date!