VRB Gay Are Heading Towards Mars in the SpaceXXX Project!
date_range April 01, 2018
local_offer VR Bangers
We realize that it’s rather hard to believe, trust us, but yes: VR Bangers have just begun their very own space program! Since Daniel Abramovich, the owner of the whole VR Bangers network, has been participating with Elon Musk, the CEO of the SpaceX organization, in the past, yet their ways have separated in the long run, VR Bangers are ...
Good News for Gay VR Porn Coming Up From GDC 2018!
date_range March 29, 2018
local_offer Tech
According to the statistics, HTC Vive are one of the most popular choices for watching the virtual reality contents - including VR games, VR movies and your favorite gay VR porn videos. We're more than certain that a lot of you own these VR goggles, thus we've decided to share some fresh news straight from the HTC's presentation at Game ...
OLED Display With 18 Megapixel?! 8K Gay VR Porn Videos Are Coming!
date_range March 26, 2018
local_offer Tech
Do we have any fans of technological novelties over here? We're more than certain that we do, as our tech news category is being swarmed by all of you everyday. Since we really care to be up to date with everything that's happening in the world - especially just anything related to your beloved gay VR porn videos - and experiencing ...
Eddy Ceetee Will Do Anything to Get Out of Prison!
date_range March 23, 2018
local_offer VR Gay Porn Videos
Have you ever thought about the hard life of the prisoner? Being watched 24/7 without a single minute to jerk off or have some privacy, brutal living conditions, and not to mention that there are no VR headsets loaded with gay VR porn in prisons - at least for now, but maybe indeed it is a project for VR Bangers Gay to think of...? ...
Asus Released New MR Headset! Gay MR Porn Coming Soon?
date_range March 16, 2018
local_offer Tech
Have you heard about the newest Asus' addition to the Microsoft's line of Windows "Mixed Reality" VR headsets? We've recently added the Windows Mixed Reality VR goggles to the list of supported by us VR visors, so we do care about such premieres and we hope that there will be more and more of them. We strongly believe that mixed reality ...