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VRBGay is the Best Gay VR Porn Site on VRPornMania!
date_range October 15, 2020
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From the very beginning of our VR porn adventure, we tried to deliver the best content to our fans. We worked with who we considered being the best male gay actors out there and we tried to bring you the hottest plots and the most immersive scenes. In time, this helped us grow our amazing fanbase and to win numerous awards for our works. ...
What’s the Best Thing That Could’ve Happened to You in Gay VR Porn for Christmas?
date_range December 20, 2018
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Have you ever wondered how would it be to spend your Christmas with top-quality gay VR porn? This magical time of year is right behind the corner, and it is no wonder that we are already in the festive mood, willing to present our fans a little something more that we are normally offering them for the rest of the year. Apart from a ...
Are Bareback Gay VR Porn Movies Really Better?
date_range December 13, 2018
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Are you a fan of condoms? This is a rhetorical question - it is obvious that barely any of us like to use these rubbers! They limit the pleasure experienced during sex, they are uncomfortable, and even though they provide the safety - which is, do not get us wrong, really, really important - sometimes it feels like the life would have ...
Ranking of the Most Popular Scenes From VR Bangers Gay
date_range November 29, 2018
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Even though we are big fans of all of our gay VR porn movies and we truly love our job of shooting some gay VR porn films, you, our members (we want it or not), have some favorites and somehow prefer some of our gay VR porn fantasies over the others. We are fully aware of this process and we do not find anything weird about that - that ...
What’s Better: to Fuck or to Be Fucked in a Gay VR Porn Movie?
date_range November 22, 2018
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To fuck or to be fucked... This might sound similar to a philosophical question from one of the William Shakespeare's tragedies, but it actually is an important thing that drives us, the premium gay VR porn movies's makers, crazy. When shooting some gay VR porn videos in the highest possible quality, we always pay attention to even the ...