Oculus "Santa Cruz" is Coming in 2019!

date_range September 27, 2018

Do you remember when almost a year ago we first told you about the Oculus' Santa Cruz project? These 6DOF pads were highlighted so long ago that most of you have probably forgotten about them already, but VR Bangers Gay certainly did not - and today is the day that brings some good news that many of you could be waiting for. According to some rumors going throughout the Internet, these innovative controllers are finally being released next year - and thus, together with them, some chances for even bigger immersion in our gay VR porn films is on the horizon. How so? Since we are really far from adding the touching experience to our gay VR porn movies, we are more than happy on anything that is at least somewhat getting us close to it - and such sophisticated pads like these could possibly one day really provide us with an opportunity to really touch a giant dick through 6K UHD gay virtual reality porn. This brand new model will be completely independent and standalone - just like the Oculus Go VR headset released this May - which means that everything needed for its operation can be found inside of the goggles' cover. Although, in contrast with the Go visor, Santa Cruz will be much more technologically advanced and will boast of some entirely new capabilities. Oculus Santa Cruz Device The biggest difference is the range of movement tracking offered by both of these solution. While the Oculus Go tracks the 3DOF (degrees of freedom) motion within the headset and its' dedicated controller, Santa Cruz is doubling the amount of dimensions with stunning 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF). What's more, you have probably noticed that we called this hardware not only a standalone option, but also an independent solution - and by that we mean the lack of external sensors such as, for example, those required by the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR goggles. Those will be replaced with four wide-angle cameras built into the front panel of the visor - and that is pretty much what interests us, VR Bangers Gay, the most. After all, the fewer cables, the less distraction while watching some premium gay VR porn films - and comfort of experiencing some gay VR porn movies is one of the most important factors.

In terms of design, the Santa Cruz controllers are kind of similar to the Oculus Touch's that are being currently sold in the Rift set. There are only few differences between these two: the ring's position has changed (in the newer model it "went" up a little) to allow the sensors to better "see" the markers; also the analog knob and buttons have been replaced by the trackpad - however, both triggers were left in place. September's Oculus Connect 5 conference should give us even more details on these controllers that could be the future of steering (or maybe even touching) inside of gay VR porn videos, so all we can do now is cross our fingers and wait for the event to clarify everything that is unclear. VR Bangers Gay always make sure to write about similar technological novelties on our tech blog, so make sure to be checking it regularly - there is a whole lot of different content waiting for you out there, so you will always find something interesting to read on for sure!