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VRBGay is the Best Gay VR Porn Site on VRPornMania!
date_range October 15, 2020
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From the very beginning of our VR porn adventure, we tried to deliver the best content to our fans. We worked with who we considered being the best male gay actors out there and we tried to bring you the hottest plots and the most immersive scenes. In time, this helped us grow our amazing fanbase and to win numerous awards for our works. ...
Looking to Expand Your Gay VR Porn Experience? Enjoy the Best Masturbation Ever With Bestvibe!
date_range June 01, 2020
local_offer VR Bangers
We know that there is a whole lot of amazing gay VR porn to watch out there, but even though our immersive gay virtual reality porn experiences are as close to real fucking as possible, they can't give you the "physical" aspect of real hardcore fucking – and a good male masturbator or a blowjob machine could do that perfectly well. That ...
Top 5 Hottest Gay VR Pornstars of 2018!
date_range December 06, 2018
local_offer VR Bangers
They are handsome, they are "gifted" and they are hottest of all - introducing the top 5 hottest gay VR porn stars of 2018! Since this year is almost closed and we could do some summarizing according to our gay VR porn films, we came up with the idea of such list - and yet, here they are: the best five dudes that have stolen your hearts ...
Ranking of the Most Popular Scenes From VR Bangers Gay
date_range November 29, 2018
local_offer VR Bangers
Even though we are big fans of all of our gay VR porn movies and we truly love our job of shooting some gay VR porn films, you, our members (we want it or not), have some favorites and somehow prefer some of our gay VR porn fantasies over the others. We are fully aware of this process and we do not find anything weird about that - that ...
Biggest Dicks in the Gay VR Porn Movies Industry!
date_range November 15, 2018
local_offer VR Bangers
They say that size does not matter, but we all know that it is a thing that some high-school chicks tell to their boyfriends to make them feel better about themselves. Even though an enormous dick will hardly fit inside of an incredibly tight anal - and we all know that these ones are the most satisfying ones - it is always very ...